8 Week Intensity Challenge



If you need real change now…this is for you. Unlike our 5 Week Shape Up Challenge, which is very much centred around creating sustainability, the Intensity Challenge is 100% a transformation Challenge✨🙌💯

Originally created 9 years ago and having approx. 150 amazing humans complete the Challenge over 6 seasons, we saw incredible transformations. Not just in pictures. Not just in physical fitness. But in mind, spirit, will and resilience.

✨In this transformation challenge we expects results✨

We are going to give you the Plan of Action, the Tools to work that Plan, along with crazy amounts of Coaching and Support and sideline cheering that rivals that of a university cheer squad!

We’re bringing you a trifecta of psychology, nutrition and exercise to get you ready to shape your body, get un-stuck, kick it into a higher gear and feel stronger tomorrow than you did today. 

“The structure and motivation I got exceeded my expectations”. Jacqui (BBY Intensity Challenge Graduate)

It will be TOUGH.
You will need to make healthy decisions.
You will need to PUSH your body to its MAX.
There will be temptation.
when you see yourself at the end,

How It Works:

  • Register now and claim your first victory…your new commitment to take ownership of your transformation and power your body nutritionally and physically.
  • Complete your kick-start forms and do the get-started activities (these will begin approx. 1 week before kick off).
  • The program kicks off on Sunday Oct 18th. That’s when you’ll get the first BIG batch of info, overall plans and other content.
  • We will attack this program 1 week at a time. Follow the week by week information.
  • Do the work! 
  • Commit to exercising 5 times a week (extra is bonus). We will have guidelines for you here.
  • Bring your energy, drive, and ambition to shape up your body!

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 Week Action Plan
  • Weekly group call (replays incl)
  • Weekly focus initiatives and check ins with detailed feedback and direction
  • Individual coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group
  • Nutrition & Fitness principles that will guide and power your body through the program
  • Proven meal plan designed to lower inflammation and fuel your workouts efficiently
  • A food diary review, recipe packs to help you out when you’re feeling un-inventive, tips sheets, deep dives on various topics like supplements
  • Training plan, exercising tips and workouts with how-to videos delivered to your device
  • Bonus workouts with head coach Tamara customized based on what the group is needing or wanting
  • Live and recorded fitness classes with BBY Instructors (replays available)
  • Mini modules on different fitness topics such as recovery, foam rolling, explanation of form correction, mobility modules you can follow along with, meal prep modules, mini mindset activities to keep working the plan and more
  • Before & After comparisons – pics and other stats
  • Plus a BONUS photo shoot add on because you’ll be wanting to capture your svelt strong self in print!

We know that’s a lot of stuff. But we want you to have what you need to succeed.
If you follow the plan, show up, participate…hands down you will look & feel better in 8 short weeks, PERIOD‼️

We are kicking off OCTOBER 18!
Space is limited as our standards are high in delivering quality coaching and supporting your transformation.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs in the tab below or send us a message! We want you to be confident in your decision to work with us.

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Q: When I sign up for the Challenge, can I start on anything prior to the kick off date?
A: Yes absolutely. You will be able to get started on submitting your background questionnaire, download our app and start to become familiar with it. Some coaching elements and recorded classes will be available so you can start getting your sweat on. We may even be able to get your custom meal plan out to you prior to kick off as well! How good is that? Then you can start to get organized, go shopping, get prepped and start getting into the groove.

Q: Do I need fitness equipment?
A: Quick answer is No. We know many gyms, condo exercise rooms and community centres are still closed and some people don't have equipment at home. We will have training programs everyone will be able to access:
- Programs that do not require any equipment (just your body)
- Programs that feature some training aids that people may have at home such as light dumbbells, resistance bands, mini bands, swiss ball, etc.
- Programs that can be done in the gym (for those that have access).

Q: I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate for this?
A: We will absolutely work around any food allergies participants may have. In addition to this, meal plans for vegan/vegetarians will be available too. The meal plans offered in the 8 Week Intensity Challenge are rooted in a set of guidelines focused on transforming your body composition while limiting inflammation so your body can calm down and work smarter. If you have any additional questions related to the meal plans and your circumstances please send us an email so we can address your specific needs and if they can be met through the Challenge.

Q: Is there flexibility in the meal plans?
A: Look, we'll be honest...we are going to give you a plan we want you to follow. This is all about TRANSFORMATION. The plan will definitely restrict you if you often go to foods like chocolate, rich sauces and soda. But we rarely find people are hungry on our plans. If you make the decision to go off plan, we will have strategies for you to get back on track. It may be tough at times, but we are in this together! You are stronger than you think.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The value of this program is way more than what we're charging ($639) but we get people may be in a pinch due to the global pandemic and we need to help people on all levels. This will be worth the investment in yourself and will pay off after the Challenge is completed. If you are honest and give yourself to this, you WILL come out the other end a better, stronger and more knowledgeable human!



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