Youth Athletic Conditioning



This is a physical fitness and conditioning class designed for kids ages 10-15 (approx.) who actively play in top level recreational or pre-competitive sport.

Often at times kids take part in team-based sports such as soccer, hockey and baseball (to name a few) which is great for developing specific maneuvering and handling skills and learning to work as a team. But it can be challenging to find enough time to incorporate specific strength, foundational fitness techniques and flexibility training within these practice times.

This class is designed to:

  • Teach how to properly warm up and cool down
  • Work on developing functional strength specific to the powerful demands of their elected sport as well as growth through life
  • Improve stamina (cardiovascular and muscular)
  • Enhance speed and agility
  • Keep the body balanced to improve performance while minimizing chance for injury
  • Teach “what to do” and “what to avoid”
  • Enhance kids understanding of WHY we are doing or training something
  • Instill proper stretching techniques to improve and maintain range of motion

While each class will have a slightly different focus, your child will partake in proper warm-ups before each workout to maximize effectiveness and prevent injury, core strength development, endurance & agility work, power & reaction training and cool downs focusing on stretching and promoting flexibility.

PLEASE NOTE: The time for this class is 11am-12pm and runs Jan 11 – Mar 7.

CLASS LOCATION: Oakville Futsal Club – 1370 Wallace Rd. Unit 5, Oakville.

Parents will be required to fill in a waiver form for their children participating in the class.

If you have any questions about the structure or content of the classes please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


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Duration: 60 minutes

What to bring:
Water, indoor training shoes and small sweat towel

Additional information


Winter Term – Starts Jan 11, Spring Term – TBD


Refund Policy:
Please note there are no refunds for missed classes.


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